Halar®, Tefzel™ Coatings

Halar® ECTFE and Tefzel™ ETFE are excellent coating options if you’re looking for a cost-effective fluoropolymer that can protect your equipment and tanks from both acids and caustics. They protect against chemical corrosion caused by the full pH spectrum.

They also offer increased permeation protection, the other major issue that fluoropolymers address.

Plus, Halar® has the lowest coefficient of expansion of any of the fluorinated resins, making it a good choice for high thermal-cycling environments.

The performance advantages of Halar® and Tefzel™ coatings do cost a bit more, but not much.

Please be aware that, though Halar® and Tefzel™ in their pure resin form can withstand temperature environments above 200°F, in coating form, they cannot. Most fluoropolymer coatings maintain integrity only to a maximum temperature approaching the 180°F to 200°F range.

The Halar® and Tefzel™ resins are used for linings as well as coatings. To learn more, please visit our Halar® and Tefzel™ Linings page.

[Halar® is a registered trademark of Solvay Solexis.]
[Tefzel™ is a registered trademark of Chemours.]