Kynar® Coatings

Kynar® (PVDF) can be applied as a coating, making this fluoropolymer useful in the protection of smaller equipment, complicated-shaped pieces, pipes, and tanks. (Visit Arkema — Overview of Kynar® Products for technical specifications of the resin itself.)Kynar Lined Equipment

The protective properties of a Kynar® coating are the same as a Kynar® lining, It offers excellent protection against chemical corrosion from chlorinated and brominated solvents as well as all acids. It becomes ever less suitable as the pH increases from 7.0 to 14.0.

But please be aware that it has a maximum temperature environment of 200°F. Most fluoropolymer coatings maintain integrity only to a maximum temperature approaching the 180°F to 200°F range.

Because coatings must be baked on at high temperatures, they’re only applied to pieces made of carbon steel and metals that can withstand the application process.

A Kynar® coating offers superior abrasion resistance, making it a good candidate for items such as agitators, mixers, and blenders. Kynar® is always a coating candidate if you’re dealing with slurries or other solutions with particulates.

As with all such equipment, the geometry of the piece must allow the coating to reach all internal surfaces and corners, or the coating process will leave flaws.

Among a Kynar® coating’s many advantages is cost. Of the fluoropolymer choices available, Kynar® provides a very good price point for many uses.

Rely on the professionals at Electro Chemical to guide you to the right coating for your equipment and tanks.

The Kynar® resin is also manufactured as lining sheets, and used in the protection of larger equipment, especially well-suited for field installations and in certain dual laminate situations. To learn more, please visit our Kynar® Linings page.

[Kynar® is a registered trademark of Arkema.]