Tank Inspections

Tank Testing

Ensuring tank integrity and meeting compliance regulations are important components of above ground storage tank inspections. Large storage tanks, normally found at chemical processing plants, refineries, and other industrial locations, are metal containers that can be one hundred and fifty feet in diameter and fifty-sixty feet tall, holding more than two million gallons of gas or other hazardous liquids.

Most tanks consist of steel plate that is welded together to form the container. The material and the welds are inspected for manufacturing defects once constructed but there must be regular tank inspections throughout their service life for signs of damage. The carbon steel is especially prone to attack by corrosion and Electro Chemical is an industry leader in corrosion protection.

Electro Chemical is authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Waste Management to employ certified installers and inspectors to perform certified activities on storage tanks regulated pursuant to the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act (35 P.S. Section 6021.101 et seq).

Electro Chemical inspectors are authorized to conduct tank inspection or handling activities outlined in the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act and department regulations at title 25 PA Code chapter 245 for installation, repair and modification of shop manufactured aboveground storage tanks.

We have the capability of handling the certified installer civil work (ACVL) for containment construction, either metal or non-metallic manufactured tank installation (AMMX or AMNX), and the mechanical work (AMEX) for piping, pumps, valves and fittings.

Additionally we are certified for removal certification (AMR), tank lining installation certification (TL) and inspection certification (IAM).

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