KMT Acquires Electro Chemical

Knight Material Technologies (KMT), located in Canton, Ohio, has acquired Electro Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (EC) located in Emmaus, PA. KMT ( is a leading service provider and manufacturer in the corrosion-resistant materials industry, and EC is a leader in high-performance fluoropolymer-lined vessels.

Combining the two companies’ solutions will create a larger, complementary product offering that will drive expansion into new markets and industries. EC will benefit from KMT’s expanded reach, including the U.S. Gulf Coast and global markets, while Knight will expand its solution s with EC’s fluoropolymer vessels and other materials. The Gulf Coast region has not previously had a local manufacturer for the sales, project personnel and manufacturing of fluoropolymer-lined vessels.

Utilizing KMT’s Houston office, and fabrication facilities in Baytown, Texas, EC intends to expand into the region to assist local customers with broader range of both products and services. In addition to EC’s various fluoropolymer vessel liners, including PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE, and more. EC also has proprietary adhesive systems for sheet lining and plastic welding technology.

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