Helium Leak Testing

Electro Chemical provides comprehensive helium leak testing services to improve the reliability and performance of fluoropolymer lined equipment.

What are the benefits of Helium Leak Testing?

  • Detects liner flaws up to 1/100th smaller than a spark test can find
  • Leaves no residue on the liner
  • Improves liner integrity and lifespan
  • Reduces risk of a leak and potential environmental disaster

View our video to see the Helium Leak Test in action!

How does Helium Leak Testing actually work?

We flow helium into the space between the fluoropolymer lining and tank, and use a mass spectrometer to detect any helium that comes through a leak. Helium is inert, so there’s no danger of combustion or chemical reaction.

Using this technique. we can find extremely small leaks in your fluoropolymer linings, leaks that spark testing cannot detect.

The end result is a higher quality fluoropolymer lining system and a longer product life cycle.

To learn more about the benefits and operation, please review our product info sheet: Electro Chemical Helium Leak Test 

Please contact us for any of your helium leak testing needs.