Kynar® Linings

Electrochemical video

The above video explains how our proprietary Helium Leak Test ensures the integrity of our Kynar® linings.

Kynar® (PVDF) is a fluoropolymer resin made by Arkema. That PVDF stands for Polyvinylidene Fluoride, the most commonly used fluoropolymer to protect substrates from corrosion. It is highly malleable and lends itself easily to shape into sheet linings.

Electro Chemical uses Kynar® to line both steel and dual laminate equipment and tanks. Please visit Arkema — Overview of Kynar® Products for technical specifications of the resin itself.

Kynar® offers excellent protection against chemical corrosion from chlorinated and brominated solvents as well as all acids. It becomes an ever less viable lining choice for caustics as the pH increases from 7.0 to 14.0.

 Kynar Lined Storage Tank

Kynar-Lined Tank

Depending on the chemistry, this material is thermally stable and effective in temperature environments up to approximately 225°F.

It also offers superior resistance to abrasion, which matters if you’re dealing with slurries or other solutions with particulates.

The highly crystalline structure of Kynar® provides superior permeation resistance, helping protect your processing, storage, and transport equipment and tanks.

Among its many advantages is cost. Of the fluoropolymer choices available, Kynar® provides a very good price point for many uses.

The Kynar® resin is used for coatings as well as liners. To learn more, please visit our Kynar® Coatings page.

[Kynar® is a registered trademark of Arkema.]