Lab Testing

Lab Testing Services

AtlasElectro Chemical offers expert lab testing services including the chemical resistance cell test, bond and peel strength testing, plastic weld tensile testing and plastic weld bend testing. We provide our clients with testing capabilities and a wide range of Industries benefit from our lab testing services including petroleum, chemical, energy, electronic, pharmaceutical, food and many others.


  • Cost-effective method for testing potential materials of construction before system design
  • Lab Simulates Intended Use Environment
  • Test a Variety of Materials Simultaneously
  • Obtain Detailed Performance Evaluation of all tested Materials
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Permeation and Bond Strength
  • Thermal Compatability
  • Mechanical Strength


Test Type Standards Used
Chemical Resistance Cell Test ASTM C-868
Bond and Peel Strength Testing ASTM D-903
Plastic Weld Tensile Testing ASTM C-1147
Plastic Weld Bend Tests Designation Pending

Please contact us for any of your lab testing service needs.