Materials Testing & Tank Inspection Overview

Atlas Test CellElectro Chemical specializes in above ground tank inspections and installation, helium leak testing, bond and peel strength testing, plastic weld tensile testing and other laboratory services on-site or at our location. We are certified in many areas to address the specific parameters of your project.

Electro Chemical is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for installation of above ground storage tanks. We have the capability of handling the certified installer civil work (ACVL) for concrete containment construction, either metal or non-metallic tank installation (AMMX or AMNX), above ground manufactured tank inspections (IAM) and the mechanical work (AMEX) for piping, pumps, valves and fittings.

Additionally Electro Chemical (Electro Chemical USDOT number 273917) is certified to provide Department of Transportation inspections for internal linings and coatings for the following transportation code specifications:,

Electro Chemical also provides laboratory testing to help you evaluate fluoropolymer materials of construction for permeation and chemical resistance in accordance with ASTM C-868 test procedures, bond and peel strength testing ASTM D-903, and plastic weld tensile testing ASTM C-1147.

This ASTM test offers a cost-effective method for testing potential materials of construction before system design. These tests will allow you to measure chemical resistance, permeation and bond strength, thermal compatibility and mechanical strength.

All lining materials are tested with ASTM D-903 peel strength testing procedures, and all plastic welders are certified in accordance with ASTM C-1147 weld test procedures.

Please contact us for any of your tank inspection, lab testing and helium leak testing service needs.