Neoflon™ Linings

Electrochemical video

The above video explains how our proprietary Helium Leak Test ensures the integrity of our Neoflon™, and Hyflon® linings.

Neoflon™, and Hyflon® are different brand names for “fully fluorinated” resins. These fluoropolymers occupy the highest tier of liners we use to protect manufacturing and processing equipment, storage tanks, and transportation vessels.

These materials are chemically inert and very stable, making them resistant to attack from virtually all chemicals they come into contact with. These qualities also make these resins ideal for environments requiring ultra high purity standards.

However, Neoflon™, and Hyflon® are more vulnerable to abrasion, so they are not suited to every situation. Nor does every situation require a fully-fluorinated liner. They are the most expensive lining material, so we’ll advise they be used only when it makes best economic sense to achieve the performance requirements for your project.
Neoflon™, and Hyflon® work in extreme temperature environments, ranging from sub-zero on up to 300ºF when bonded to a substrate with a toughened epoxy adhesive. And they offer excellent permeation resistance for most situations.

There are several varieties of fully fluorinated polymers, each having distinct characteristics that recommend its use in specific situations. FEP, PTFE, and PFA are all well-known to Electro Chemical. We’ll guide you to the best material for your job.

This trio of resins is also used for coatings as well as liners.

[Neoflon™ is a registered trademark of Daikin Industries.]
[Hyflon® is a registered trademark of Solvay Solexis.]