Ultra High Purity Overview

For over thirty five years, Electro Chemical has provided ultra high purity fluoropolymer lined solutions for the semiconductor, chemical processing, storage and transportation industries.

Electro Chemicals fluoropolymer solutions ensure the integrity of ultra-pure chemicals from the point of manufacture to the point of use. All fluid containment solutions meet the applicable ISO, IMO, USDOT, and ASME Code Standards for transport and storage of bulk chemicals.

View the video on our UHP Fluoropolymer Linings Process:

We work with manufacturers and suppliers who need to remove all traces of metal ions, silicate and particulate contamination. Electro Chemical engineers work with you to find the best long lasting fluoropolymer solution for your specific application.

As a full-range supplier of ultra high purity solutions, Electro Chemical remains committed to meeting specific fluid containment application requirements and manufacturing with a wide selection of fluoropolymer and polymer materials ensures that you get the best solution for your particular application.

Part Per Trillion purity is achieved through proprietary ultra-pure fabrication processes that take place in a Class 10,000 clean room. All welded seams are spark tested between 10,000 – 20,000 Volts DC and the vessel is cleaned with electronic grade isopropyl alcohol, soaked and rinsed with ultra-pure 18 megohm de-ionized water.

In addition, Electro Chemical offers ultra high purity protective coatings for water processing equipment used in the semiconductor industry.

The coatings provide protection from the chemical and high operating temperature environment and will also provide dielectric properties when required.

Please contact us for any of your ultra high purity  and fluid containment needs.