High Performance Coatings

High Performance CoatingElectro Chemical offers high performance coating solutions for process vessels, storage tanks, pumps, reactors, columns, valves and other applications for companies in a wide range of industries.

High Performance Coating Benefits:

  • Protection from Acids, Alkalis, Oxidizers, Solvents
  • Permeation Resistant
  • Maintains Purity at Parts Per Billion Levels (fluoropolymers)
  • High Temperature, Abrasion Resistant, Non-Stick, No Seams
  • Stress Free, Full Vacuum Conditions
  • More Economical than Alloys, Glass Lined Vessels
  • High performance coating selections matched to
    operating environment and budget.

High Performance Coating Applications:High Performance Coating Applications

– Agitators – Plating Tanks/Coils – Tote Tanks
– Baffles – Process Vessels – Valves
– Centrifuge Baskets – Pumps – Vessel Lids/Covers
– Chemical Dryers – Reactors – Water Treatment Tanks
– Columns – Scrubbers – Complex Shapes…
– Fans & Blowers – Storage Tanks – Large or Small…

Coating Material Trade Name Thickness (in)
PFA Fluoroshield® Up to 0.06
ETFE Tefzel®, Neoflon® Up to 0.06
E-CTFE Halar® Up to 0.06
PVDF Kynar® Up to 0.06
PVDF/Wet Lay-Up Kynar® 711 WL Up to 0.09
Nylon Rilsan® Up to 0.04
Baked Phenolics Plasite®, Heresite® Up to 0.015
Vinyl Ester Many Up to 0.04
Epoxy Many Up to 0.04

Tefzel is a trademark of Chemours. Halar is a trademark of Solvay Plastics. Neoflon is a trademark of Daikin. Kynar, Rilsan are trademarks of Arkema. Plasite is a trademark of Carboline Company. Fluoroshield is a trademark of W. L. Gore. Heresite is a trademark of Heresite.

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