Teflon™, Neoflon™ Coatings

Teflon™, Neoflon™, and Hyflon® are different brand names for “fully fluorinated” resins. These materials are chemically inert and very stable, making them resistant to attack from virtually all chemicals they come into contact with. These qualities also make them ideal for environments requiring ultra-high purity standards. And their non-stick qualities are superb.

The use of Teflon™, Neoflon™, and Hyflon® as a protective coating falls into 2 categories – thin-film and thick.high_performance_coating-piece

Thin-film use (up to 3 mils) is appropriate when your goal is a non-stick surface that resists adherence of the contained chemical mix and you want easy cleaning. Think of molds, chutes, agitators, blades, mixers, and other odd-shaped industrial equipment.

But a thin-film does not provide chemical corrosion or permeation resistance. It’s simply too thin.

To take advantage of the chemical corrosion and permeation fighting properties of Teflon™, Neoflon™, and Hyflon®, you’d need a much thicker coating (25 mils and up). And that requires a different application process.

Please be aware that, as a thin anti-stick coating, these materials can take temperatures up to 600°F. But with a thicker coating, these materials are still limited to a maximum 180°F to 200°F in wet-chemical environments. The metal of the structure and the plastic of the coating expand and contract at drastically different levels, Because of this, if you exceed 180°F, the coating will dis-bond, blister and peel, leaving your metal vulnerable to attack.

Rely on Electro Chemical to fully analyze your needs and make the smartest materials recommendations for both performance and price.

And rest assured, Electro Chemical is well-equipped to work with all the variations (FEP, PTFE, and PFA) within this family of resins.

The Teflon™, Neoflon™, and Hyflon® resins can be used for linings as well as coatings. To learn more, please visit our Teflon™, Neoflon™, and Hyflon® Linings page.

[Teflon™ is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.]
[Neoflon™ is a registered trademark of Daikin Industries.]
[Hyflon® is a registered trademark of Solvay Solexis.]