Corrosion Protection Overview

Corrosion Protection
Today, and for over half a century, the standards of quality, reliability and excellence of performance provided by Electro Chemical are and have been regarded as the highest in the industry both domestically and worldwide.

Full technical support, including project evaluation, materials testing, development of specification for construction and world-class installation are all part of Electro Chemical corrosion protection service.

Corrosion Protection Services

We provide all types of installation, testing, specification, refurbishment and routine maintenance services for corrosion protection, including:

Electro Chemical—your full turnkey supplier for your next corrosion protection installation, refurbishment, or routine maintenance job. We provide everything you need to execute a quality, timely project.
Corrosion Protection

  • Materials
  • Labor and Supervision
  • Equipment
  • Project Management
  • A Safety Mindset

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